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Poster Sessions

995 CASCADE TO TRICKLE: REASONS FOR SUBOPTIMAL PrEP USE AMONG AT-RISK USMSM (HPTN 078) Kenneth H. Mayer , Ethan A. Wilson, James Hughes, Julia Raifman, Jason Farley, D. Scott Batey, Carlos del Rio, Lynda Emel, Vanessa Cummings, Susan H. Eshleman, Mark A. Marzinke, Theresa Gamble, Robert H. Remien, Chris Beyrer Poster P-S04 NEW PREVENTION AGENTS AND ROUTES OF DELIVERY Poster Hall D 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 996 SAFETY AND TOLERABILITY OF ONCE-DAILY BIC/FTC/TAF FOR POSTEXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS Kenneth H. Mayer , Johnathon B. Holmes, Marcy Gelman, Jessica C. Kraft, Kathy Melbourne, Douglas Krakower, Matthew J. Mimiaga 997 HYPO-OSMOLAR RECTAL DOUCHE DELIVERED TFV DISTRIBUTES TFV DIFFERENTLY THAN ORAL PrEP Peng Xiao, Sanjeev Gumber, Mark A. Marzinke, Abhijit Date, Thuy Hoang, Justin Hanes, Laura Ensign, Lin Wang, Lisa C. Rohan, Richard Cone, Edward J. Fuchs, Craig W. Hendrix, Francois Villinger THE POTENTIAL FOR A RECTAL MICROBICIDE DOUCHE: FINDINGS FROMAN INTERNATIONAL SURVEY Rebecca Giguere , Alex Carballo-Dieguez, Cody Lentz, Curtis Dolezal, Edward J. Fuchs, Craig W. Hendrix Amer Al-Khouja , Eugenie C. Shieh, Edward J. Fuchs, Mark A. Marzinke, Anthony S. Ham, Karen W. Buckheit, Jennifer Breakey, Ethel D. Weld, Robert W. Buckheit, Craig W. Hendrix 1000 BIODEGRADABLE IMPLANT FOR DELIVERY OF ANTIRETROVIRAL (ARV) AND HORMONAL CONTRACEPTIVE Linying A. Li , Sai Archana Krovi, Chasity Norton, Ellen Luecke, Zach Demkovich, Pafio Johnson, Christine Areson, Guadalupe Jimenez, Ariane Van Der Straten, Leah M. Johnson 998 999 A PHASE I TRIAL OF A RECTALLY ADMINISTERED GEL FORMULATEDWITH THE NNRTI IQP-0528 Poster P-T01 SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS IN SPECIAL POPULATIONS Poster Hall D 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 1040 PREVALENCE AND INCIDENCE OF STIs DURING PREGNANCY IN SOUTH AFRICA Dorothy C. Nyemba , Phuti P. Ngwepe, Remco P. Peters, Jeffrey D. Klausner, Landon Myer, Dvora Joseph Davey, Andrew Medina-Marino, Leigh F. Johnson 1041 STILLBIRTH AND PREVALENT SYPHILIS IN THE USWOMEN’S INTERAGENCY HIV STUDY, 1994-2016 Kristal J. Aaron , Ilene Brill, Zenoria Causey, Rachel Sinkey, Lisa B. Haddad, Anandi N. Sheth, Michael Augenbraun, Audrey French, Stephen J. Gange, Kerry Murphy, Dominika Seidman, Barbara Van Der Pol, Jeanne M. Marrazzo, Mirjam-Colette Kempf, Jodie Dionne-Odom 1001 WITHDRAWN

Poster Sessions • Monday

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