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Poster Sessions

914 USINGMOLECULAR EPIDEMIOLOGY TO CHARACTERIZE HIV TRANSMISSIONNETWORKS OF TWANDMSM Jessica E. Long, Joshua T. Herbeck, Hugo Sanchez, Sari Reisner, Kenneth H. Mayer, James Mullins, Javier R. Lama, Ann Duerr 915 PHYLOGENETIC EVIDENCE OF HIV-1MIXING BETWEEN KEY RISK GROUPS IN COASTAL KENYA Nduva M. George , Amin S. Hassan, Susan M. Graham, Joakim Esbjörnsson, Eduard Sanders 916 PHYLODYNAMIC EVIDENCE OF HIV TRANSMISSION BETWEEN AGE-DISCREPANTMSM IN KING COUNTY Diana M. Tordoff , Roxanne P. Kerani, Matthew R. Golden, Richard Lechtenberg, Susan E. Buskin, Joshua T. Herbeck 917 HOMOPHILY IN THE SOCIOSEXUAL NETWORKS OF GAY AND BISEXUAL MEN Kiffer G. Card , Zishan Cui, Jordan M. Sang, Heather L. Armstrong, Nathan J. Lachowsky, David M. Moore, Robert S. Hogg, for the Momentum Health Study 918 PHYLOGENETIC INSIGHTS ONHIV-1 TRANSMISSION DYNAMICS AMONGMSMANDMIGRANTS IN QUEBEC Bluma G. Brenner , Nathan Osman, Ernesto Cuadra Foy, Antoine Chaillon, Ruxandra-Ilinca Ibanescu, Isabelle Hardy, Nadine Kronfli, David Stephens, Michel Roger 919 NON-B SUBTYPE HIV INFECTIONS IN GERMANY BEFORE AND AFTER THE EUROPEANMIGRANT CRISIS Melanie Stecher , Antoine Chaillon, Christoph Stephan, Jan-Christian Wasmuth, Josef Eberle, Georg M. Behrens, Julia Roider, Christoph D. Spinner, Matthias C. Müller, Elena Knops, Guido Schäfer, Sanjay R. Mehta, Joerg Janne Vehreschild, Martin Hoenigl, for the Translational Platform HIV (TP-HIV) Molecular Epidemiology Team 920 EVALUATION OF HIV TRANSMISSION CLUSTERS AMONG NATIVES AND FOREIGNERS LIVING IN ITALY Maria M. Santoro, Lavinia Fabeni , Patrizia Lorenzini, Stefano Rusconi, Nicola Gianotti, Andrea Costantini, Loredana Sarmati, Andrea Antinori, Francesca Ceccherini Silberstein, Antonella D'Arminio Monforte, Annalisa Saracino, Enrico Girardi, for the Icona Foundation Study Cohort 921 MOLECULAR ANALYSIS SUGGESTS POST-MIGRATIONHIV-1 ACQUISITION AMONGMIGRANTS IN PARIS Evangelia G. Kostaki , Cathia Soulie, Benoit Visseaux, Alexandre Storto, Charlotte Charpentier, Marc Wirden, Roland Landman, Christine Katlama, Vincent Calvez, Diane Descamps, Federico García, Maria M. Santoro, Dimitrios Paraskevis, Anne-Geneviève Marcelin 922 GEOGRAPHIC PATTERNS INHIV TRANSMISSION CLUSTERS IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY Britt Skaathun , Manon Ragonnet-Cronin, Kathleen Poortinga, Zhijuan Sheng, Yunyin W. Hu, Joel O. Wertheim 923 HUMANMOBILITY PATTERNS GENERATE GEOGRAPHICALLY STRUCTURED SUB-EPIDEMICS INNAMIBIA Eugenio Valdano , Justin Okano, Vittoria Colizza, Sally Blower 924 LOCAL AND REGIONAL DYNAMICS OF HIV EPIDEMICS AMONG HIGH-RISK POPULATIONS INHAITI

Poster Sessions • Wednesday

Frantz Jean-Louis , Jean Wysler Domercant, Caroline Ignacio, Sara Gianella, Guethina Galbaud, Davey M. Smith, Antoine Chaillon

CROI 2020 163

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