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Poster Sessions

Poster P-M06 PULMONARY COMPLICATIONS Poster Hall B 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 696 INTERSTITIAL LUNG ABNORMALITIES IN PEOPLE LIVINGWITH HIV AND UNINFECTED CONTROLS Andreas Ronit , Thomas Benfield, Jens D. Lundgren, Jørgen Vestbo, Shoaib Afzal, Børge Nordestgaard, Klaus F. Kofoed, Susanne D. Nielsen, Thomas Kristensen 697 IMPLEMENTATION OF A LUNG CANCER SCREENING INITIATIVE IN HIV-INFECTED SUBJECTS Patricia Roiz, Jorge Diaz , Javier Martínez-Sanz, Jose L. Casado, Maria Jesus Perez-Elias, Santiago Moreno, Ana Moreno, Sabina Herrera, María J. Vivancos-Gallego, Pilar Vizcarra, Ana M. Ayala-Carbonero, Sergio Perez- Pinto, Luis Gorospe, Sergio Serrano-Villar 698 DIMENSIONS OF SLEEP HEALTH: IMPACT ON QUALITY OF LIFE OF PEOPLEWITH ANDWITHOUT HIV Davide De Francesco , Caroline Sabin, Alan Winston, Patrick W. Mallon, Nicki Doyle, Susan Redline, Ken M. Kunisaki, for the POPPY-Sleep Study Group 699 HIV IS ASSOCIATEDWITHWORSE PULMONARY DIFFUSING CAPACITY INDEPENDENT OF EMPHYSEMA Sarath Raju , Meredith C. McCormack, Jacquie Astemborski, M. Brad Drummond, Jing Sun, Robert H. Brown, Gregory D. Kirk 700 HIV AS A RISK FACTOR FOR INCIDENT PULMONARY HYPERTENSION Meredith S. Duncan , Suman Kundu, Charles Alcorn, Emily Epstein, Grace Wallace, Kaku So-Armah, Amy C. Justice, Kristina Crothers, Matthew Freiberg, Evan L. Brittain 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 704 EXERCISE-INDUCED EPIGENETIC CHANGES INMUSCLE DIFFER BY HIV SEROSTATUS Kristine M. Erlandson , Colleen Julian, Iain Konigsberg, Jing Sun, Todd T. Brown, Catherine M. Jankowski 705 EFFECTS OF HIV, AGE, AND SEX ON SKELETAL MUSCLEMASS AND DENSITY Kristine M. Erlandson , Susan Langan, Jing Sun, Jordan E. Lake, Anjali Sharma, Stefan Adrian, Ann Scherzinger, Frank J. Palella, Lawrence Kingsley, Stephen J. Gange, Phyllis Tien, Michael T. Yin, Todd T. Brown 706 CONSISTENT STATIN USE DOES NOT AFFECT AGE-ASSOCIATED GAIT SPEED AND STRENGTH DECLINES Kristine M. Erlandson , Susan Langan, Jing Sun, Jordan E. Lake, Frank J. Palella, Lawrence Kingsley, Todd T. Brown 707 PREVALENCE OF PHYSICAL-FUNCTION IMPAIRMENT AND FRAILTY INMIDDLE-AGED PWH Triin Umbleja , Todd T. Brown, Heather Ribaudo, Jennifer A. Schrack, Constance A. Benson, Benigno Rodriguez, Roberto Arduino, Kathleen V. Fitch, Steven K. Grinspoon, Edgar T. Overton, Kristine M. Erlandson, for the ACTG A5361S (PREPARE) Team Poster P-M08 FUNCTIONAL STATUS AND FRAILTY Poster Hall B

Poster Sessions • Wednesday

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