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473LB SAFETY AND PK STUDY OF VM-1500A-LAI, A NOVEL LONG- ACTING INJECTABLE THERAPY FOR HIV Elena Yakubova, Alexey Mazus, Alexey V. Kravchenko, Evgenia Ejova, Elena Smolyarchuk, Vasily Kazey, Saranya Sankar, Igor Nikoulin, Sergey Baranovskiy, Alex Khvat, Jenny Remeeva, Suzana Corritori, Nikolay Savchuk, Iain Dukes, Robert Murphy Poster P-H04 ANTIRETROVIRAL TREATMENT: NEW AGENTS, NEW TARGETS Poster Hall A 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 503 CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF GP120 POLYMORPHISMS, TMR IC 50 FC, AND HIV-1 SUBTYPE IN BRIGHTE Margaret Gartland , Peter Ackerman, Frank Mannino, Louise K. Garside, Andrew Clark, Amy Pierce, Mark Krystal, Cyril C. Llamoso, Max Lataillade 504 A HIGHLY POTENT AND SAFE ALLOSTERIC HIV-1 INTEGRASE INHIBITOR, STP0404 Seohyun Ahn , Uk-Il Kim, Won Young Seo, Seongmi Choi, Tatsuya Maehigashi, Jared Lindenberger, Mamuka Kvaratskhelia, Baek Kim, Kyungjin Kim 505 PRECLINICAL DEVELOPMENT OF SECOND GENERATIONHIV-1 MATURATION INHIBITORS Sherimay Ablan , KC Yuvraj, Dibya Ghimire, T.J. Nitz, David E. Martin, Ritu Gaur, Eric O. Freed, Carl Wild 506 PHASE 2 TRIAL OF VPU INHIBITOR BIT225 IN COMBINATION WITH ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY Anchalee Avihingsanon, Carolyn A. Luscombe , Gary D. Ewart, Audrey S. Thomson, Khuanchai Supparatpinyo, Sivaporn Gatechompol, Win Min Han, Michelle Miller, Robert Murphy 507 COMPARABLE EFFICACY OF IBALIZUMAB IN COMBINATION WITH 1 OR 2 FULLY ACTIVE AGENTS Edwin DeJesus , Colleen S. McGary, Pedro Mesquita, Steven Weinheimer, Zvi Cohen 508 A PHASE I DOSE-ESCALATION TRIAL OF HUMANMONOCLONAL ANTIBODY N6LS INHEALTHY ADULTS Alicia T. Widge , Katherine V. Houser, Martin R. Gaudinski, Grace Chen, Cristina Carter, Somia P. Hickman, Jamie Saunders, Lasonji Holman, Ingelise Gordon, Sarah O’Connell, Edmund V. Capparelli, Mark Connors, Richard A. Koup, John R. Mascola, for the VRC 609 Study Team Poster P-I04 NOVEL MECHANISMS OF DRUG RESISTANCE AND RESISTANCE TO NEW AGENTS Poster Hall A 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 525 SUSCEPTIBILITY TO BNABS OF TRANSMITTED HIV VARIANTS AMONG RECENT INFECTIONS IN FRANCE Karl Stefic , Mélanie Bouvin-Pley, Asma Essat, Clara Visdeloup, Alain Moreau, Cécile Goujard, Marie-Laure Chaix Baudier, Martine Braibant, Laurence Meyer, Francis Barin, for the ANRS PRIMO Cohort Study Group 526 INVESTIGATION OF INTEGRASE-INHIBITOR RESISTANCE MUTATIONS IN GP41 IN CLINICAL SAMPLES Hanwei Sudderuddin, Anh Le, Tetyana Kalynyak, Rob Hollebakken, Kyle Cobarrubias, Jinny Choi, Weiyan Dong, Winnie W. Dong, Walter Scott, Kate Laird, Paul Sereda, Eric O. Freed, Zabrina Brumme, Chanson J. Brumme

Poster Sessions • Wednesday

CROI 2020 149

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