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368 CELL PROLIFERATION CONTRIBUTES TO THE INCREASE OF GENETICALLY INTACT HIV OVER TIME Bethany A. Horsburgh , Bonnie Hiener, Katie Fisher, John-Sebastian Eden, Eunok Lee, Susanne von Stockenstrom, Lina Odevall, Jeffrey M. Milush, Teri Liegler, Rebecca Hoh, Rémi Fromentin, Nicolas Chomont, Steven G. Deeks, Frederick M. Hecht, Sarah Palmer 369LB TARGETED INSERTION OF HIV AT BACH2 DRIVES CD4 T-CELL GROWTH AND ALTERED PHENOTYPE Michelle Christian, Michael Dapp, Samuel Scharffenberger , Harold Jones, Chaozhong Song, Anton Krumm, James Mullins, David J. Rawlings 370LB ANTIGEN RESPONSIVE CLONES OF CD4+T CELLS CONTRIBUTE TO THE INTACT LATENT RESERVOIR Pilar Mendoza , Julia Jackson, Thiago Oliveira, Christian Gaebler, Victor Ramos, Mila Jankovic, Marina Caskey, Michel Nussenzweig, Lillian B. Cohn 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 371 SINGLE-CELL ANALYSIS OF INVIVO HIV RESERVOIR UNCOVERS NOVEL MARKERS OF LATENT CELLS Jason Neidleman, Xiaoyu Luo, Julie Frouard, Feng Hsiao, Grace Xie, Vincent Morcilla, Katherine Sholtis, Rebecca Hoh, Ma Somsouk, Peter W. Hunt, Steven G. Deeks, Nancie Archin, Sarah Palmer, Warner C. Greene, Nadia R. Roan 372 INTACT HIV GENOMES ARE ENRICHED INMEMORY T CELLSWITH SHORT HALF-LIVES Vincent Morcilla , Charline Bacchus-Souffan, Katie Fisher, Xiao Qian Wang, Bethany A. Horsburgh, Timothy E. Schlub, Mark Fitch, Rebecca Hoh, Frederick M. Hecht, Jeffrey Martin, Steven G. Deeks, Marc Hellerstein, Joseph M. McCune, Peter W. Hunt, Sarah Palmer 373 “FALSE ART FAILURE”FROM IDENTICAL HYPERMUTATED HIV NUCLEIC ACID IN PLASMA Johannes C. Botha , Kim Steegen, Lucia Hans, Alan Karstaedt, Sergio Carmona, Denasha Reddy, Mary F. Kearney, John W. Mellors, Gert U. van Zyl 374 ART-TREATED SUBJECTSWITH LOWVIRAL RESERVOIR SHOW UNUSUAL HIV LATENCY DISTRIBUTION Cristina Gálvez , Victor Urrea, Susana Benet, Lucia Bailon, Andrea Martinez, Beatriz Mothe, Judith Dalmau, Lorna Leal, Felipe Garcia, Javier Martinez-Picado, Maria Salgado 375 A NEWLONG-READ NGSMETHOD TO SEQUENCE HIV1 INSERTION SITES AND ASSOCIATED PROVIRUSES Maria Artesi, Vincent Hahaut, Basiel Cole, Laurens Lambrechts, Ambroise Marçais, Olivier Hermine, Philip Griebel, Natasa Arsic, Dominique Bron, Carole Charlier, Linos Vandekerckhove, Michel Georges, Anne Van den Broeke, Keith Durkin 376 COMBINED ASSAYS SHED NEWLIGHT ONHIV-1 PROVIRAL SEQUENCE AND LINKED INTEGRATION SITE Basiel Cole , Laurens Lambrechts, Maria Artesi, Vincent Hahaut, Wojciech Witkowski, Ytse Noppe, Annemieke Dhondt, Keith Durkin, Anne Van Den Broeke, Linos Vandekerckhove 377 ULTRADEEP ANALYSIS OF PRETHERAPY HIV PREDICTS GENETICALLY COMPLEX RESERVOIRS Kristi Huik , Junko Hattori, Valerie F. Boltz, Jason W. Rausch, Wei Shao, Mary F. Kearney, John M. Coffin, Frank Maldarelli Poster P-E09 CHARACTERIZING LATENT HIV RESERVOIRS Poster Hall A

Poster Sessions • Wednesday

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