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Poster Sessions

284 LB REDUCED COVERAGE OF HPV VACCINE TYPES IN CERVICAL PRECANCER INHIV INFECTION Christina Carlander, Camilla Lagheden, Carina Eklund, Sara Nordqvist Kleppe, Philippe Wagner, Aylin Yilmaz, Kristina Elfgren, Anders Sönnerborg, Pär Sparén, Joakim Dillner Poster P-D3 STUDIES OF ANTIBODIES AND B CELLS Poster Hall - 4EF 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 305 SUSCEPTIBILITY TO bNAbS IS CONCORDANT IN PRE-ART PLASMA AND ON-ART PBMCs: ACTG NWC413 Jacqueline Reeves, Yu Zheng, Maxine Olefsky, Yolanda Lie, Leah Burke, Babafemi Taiwo, Christos Petropoulos, Pablo Tebas, Marina Caskey, Katharine J. Bar HIGH-THROUGHPUT ASSAY TO ASSESS ADCC ACTIVITY AGAINST CLINICAL ISOLATES OF HIV-1 Allison S. Thomas, Melissa Ghulam-Smith, Manish Sagar 306 Valerie Melson, Lela Kardava, Christine Youn, Jesse Justement, Victoria Shi, Catherine Seamon, Michael Sneller, Tae-Wook Chun, Susan Moir PTEN OVEREXPRESSION IN ANTIGEN-SPECIFIC B CELLS FROM HIV-INFECTED INDIVIDUALS ON ART Lesley R. de Armas, Suresh Pallikkuth, Li Pan, Stefano Rinaldi, Nicola Cotugno, Sarah F. Andrews, Rajendra Pahwa, Adrian B. McDermott, Paolo Palma, Savita Pahwa AUTOLOGOUS NEUTRALIZING ANTIBODIES DRIVE VIRUS EVOLUTION DURING REBOUND AFTER ATI D. B. Salantes, Felicity Mampe, Anya Bauer, Emily Lindemuth, Emmanouil Papasavvas, Luis Montaner, Katharine J. Bar A NOVEL PHAGE-DISPLAY APPROACHMAPS LINEAR EPITOPES OF GP41-SPECIFICMABs Meghan E. Garrett, Katherine L. Williams, Theodore Gobillot, Ryan Basom, Megan M. Stumpf, Katharine Dusenbury, Julie M. Overbaugh RAPID DEVELOPMENT OF AN INFANT-DERIVED HIV-1 BROADLY NEUTRALIZING ANTIBODY Laura Doepker, Cassandra Simonich, Duncan Ralph, James A. Williams, Amrit Dhar, Christopher T. Small, Brian Oliver, Vladimir Vigdorovich, Vidya Mangala Prasad, Ruth Nduati, D. N. Sather, Kelly K. Lee, Frederick Matsen, Julie M. Overbaugh PROFILING ANTIBODY CROSS-REACTIVITY AMONG SIV ISOLATES USING A PEPTIDEMICROARRAY Anna S. Heffron, David Baker, Adam Bailey, Eric Peterson, Amelia K. Haj, Mariel S. Mohns, Connor Buechler, Adam Ericsen, Dawn M. Dudley, John C. Tan, David H. O’Connor 308 309 310 311 312 307 IMPACT OF ATI ON B-CELL REGULATION BY IGG3 IN CHRONICALLY HIV-INFECTED INDIVIDUALS

Poster Sessions • Wednesday


2:30 PM - 4:00 PM


BCL-2 INHIBITOR ABT-199 REDUCES RESISTANCE OF HIV RESERVOIRS TO CD8+T-CELL KILLING Szuhan Huang, Shabnum Patel, Yanqin Ren, Ronald Truong, Dean Magat, Chase McCann, Shuntai Zhou, Sabrina Clark, Elizabeth A. Zale, Amanda Macedo, Talia Mota, Ronald Swanstrom, Alberto Bosque, Catherine M. Bollard, R. Brad Jones

CROI 2019 97

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