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2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

176 FLOWVIROMETRY REVEALS PATIENT VARIATIONS INHIV PROTEASE THAT CORRELATEWITH FITNESS Michał Bonar, Caroline Tabler, John Tilton THE HIV-1 ANTISENSE PROTEIN ASP IS A NOVEL STRUCTURAL PROTEIN OF THE VIRAL ENVELOPE Yvonne Affram, Juan C. Zapata, Marzena Pazgier, Maria Iglesias-Ussel, Krishanu Ray, Olga Latinovic, Fabio Romerio UNPAIRED GUANOSINES IN THE HIV LEADER RNA DIRECT HIV GENOMIC RNA PACKAGING Chijioke Umunnakwe, Sheikh A. Rahman, Alice Duchon, Yang Liu, Olga A. Nikolaitchik, Jianbo Chen, Wei-Shau Hu, Vinay K. Pathak DETECTION AND SEQUENCING OF ASP TRANSCRIPTS DURING EARLY HIV-1 INFECTION Antonio Mancarella, Brian T. Foley, Giampietro Corradin, Giuseppe Pantaleo, Cecilia Graziosi IDENTIFICATION OF HIV-1 ENVMUTATIONS THAT ENHANCE ENTRY INTOMACAQUE CELLS Jeremy I. Roop, Noah R. Cassidy, Jesse Bloom, Julie M. Overbaugh STRUCTURAL AND DYNAMIC CHARACTERIZATION OF MCD4-BINDING HIV-1 ENVELOPE GLYCOPROTEINS Rachel Kinzelman, Julie M. Overbaugh, Kelly K. Lee, Thaddeus Davenport MUTATIONS IN THE GP41 ECTODOMAIN CAN CONTRIBUTE TO HIV-1 RESISTANCE TO smFIs Shigeyoshi Harada, Yuta Hikichi, Tetsuo Narumi, Kazuhisa Yoshimura HIV PROVIRAL TRANSCRIPTION RAPIDLY UPREGULATES BCL3, BIRC2, AND BIRC3 TRANSCRIPTION Joseph P. Casazza, Quang N. Nguyen, David R. Ambrozak, Christine Grech, Jianfei Hu, Sam Darko, Amy Ransier, Farida Laboune, Daniel Douek, Richard A. Koup CHARACTERIZATION OF THE EPITRANSCRIPTOMIC LANDSCAPE OF HIV-INFECTED CELLS Sara Cristinelli, Angela Ciuffi 185 LB ANHIV E-MAP REVEALS GENETIC INTERACTIONSMEDIATING HIV INFECTION David E. Gordon, Ariane Watson, Assen Roguev, Nevan J. Krogan 186 ELUCIDATING THE ROLE OF THE PPIPMOTIF INHIV-1 CAPSID IN POSTENTRY EVENTS Mariia Novikova, Anna T. Gres, Ryan C. Burdick, Mohamed Husen M. Munshi, KyeongEun Lee, Vineet KewalRamani, Vinay K. Pathak, Stefan Sarafianos, Eric O. Freed SINGLE-CELL ANALYSIS REVEALS P2X-DEPENDENT HIV- STIMULATED CALCIUMSIGNALING Tracey L. Freeman, Arpit Dave, Alexandra Soare, Hagerah Malik, Kristin Beaumont, Benjamin K. Chen, Talia Swartz 184 187 177 178 179 180 181 182 Poster P-A4 HOST-VIRUS INTERACTIONS Poster Hall - 4EF 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 183

Poster Sessions • Wednesday

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