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586 DIVERSE OBSTETRICIANHCV-SCREENING PRACTICES IN A LARGE REGIONAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM Dawn Fishbein, Ariunzaya Amgalan, Eshetu Tefera, Shari Sawney, Nicole Brown, Emily Paku, Hala Deeb, Stephen Fernandez, Rachel K. Scott TRANSFORMING PRIMARY CARE PRACTICES FOR HEPATITIS C TREATMENT CENTERS Risha Irvin, Boatemaa Ntiri-Reid, Mary Kleinman, Alexander J. Millman, Lauren Canary, Tracy Agee, Jeffrey Hitt, Onyeka Anaedozie, Hope Cassidy- Stewart, Oluwaseun Falade-Nwulia, Mark Sulkowski, Noele Nelson, David L. Thomas, Michael Melia DECENTRALIZATION AND TASK-SHIFTING FOR HEPATITIS C: SYSTEMATIC REVIEW&META-ANALYSIS Ena Oru, Steve Kanters, Rohan Shirali, Philippa J. Easterbrook THE COST-EFFECTIVENESS OF HCV SCREENING OF PREGNANT WOMEN IN THE UNITED STATES Antoine Chaillon, Nancy S. Reau, Elizabeth B. Rand, Natasha Martin Lara K. Marquez, Antoine Chaillon, Kyi Pyar Soe, Derek Johnson, Jean-Marc Zosso, Andrea Incerti, Anne Loarec, Aude Nguyen, Josephine Walker, Nyashadzaishe Mafirakureva, Peter Vickerman, Natasha Martin Poster P-M1 NOVEL MEASURES AND DRIVERS OF INFLAMMATION AND VASCULAR FUNCTION Poster Hall - 4EF 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 631 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY IL-10 IS INVERSELY RELATED TO CORONARY ATHEROSCLEROSIS INHIV Lindsay T. Fourman, Charles Saylor, Lediya Cheru, Kathleen V. Fitch, Tricia H. Burdo, Sara E. Looby, Udo Hoffmann, Michael T. Lu, Janet Lo 632 IL-32Δ AND TRAIL: NEWCARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE BIOMARKERS IN ART-TREATED HIV INFECTION Mohamed El-Far, Madeleine Durand, Carl Chartrand-Lefebvre, Etienne Larouche-Anctil, Sarah M. Zaidan, Genevieve Chabot-Roy, Rémi Bunet, Mohamed Sylla, Jean-Guy Baril, Petronela Ancuta, Sylvie Lesage, Nicolas Chomont, Robert C. Kaplan, Alan Landay, Cécile L. Tremblay, for the The Canadian HIV and Aging Cohort Study 588 589 590 COST-EFFECTIVENESS OF HCV TREATMENT AMONG HIV-POSITIVE INDIVIDUALS INMYANMAR INFLAMMATION-RELATED GENES ARE ASSOCIATEDWITH ACCELERATED AGING INHIV Erin Sundermann, Mariam Hussain, David J. Moore, Steven Horvath, Andrew Levine, for the HNRP Group IMPACT OF INFLAMMATION AND GUT IMMUNITY ON CORONARY ARTERIALWALL COMPOSITION Robert C. Güerri-Fernández, Netanya S. Utay, Zhong-Min Ma, Surinder Mann, Talía Sainz, Marjorie Pion, Alan Landay, Friedrich Knollmann, David M. Asmuth CONTRIBUTION OF HUMANHERPESVIRUS 8 AND HERPES SIMPLEX 2 TO PROGRESSION OF IMT INHIV Fernando Lidón, Sergio Padilla, José A. García, Marta Fernández, Javier García-Abellán, Victoria Ortiz de la Tabla, Félix Gutiérrez, Maria Del Mar Masia, for the Elche 634 635 633

Poster Sessions • Tuesday 587

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