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821 FOCUSED COGNITIVE FUNCTION TESTING IN YOUNG PEOPLE WITH PERINATAL HIV IN ENGLAND Alejandro Arenas-Pinto, Hannah Castro, Diane Melvin, Marthe Le Prevost, Caroline Foster, Kate Sturgeon, Alan Winston, Lindsay Thompson, Diana Gibb, Ali Judd, for the Adolescents and Adults Living with Perinatal HIV (AALPHI) Steering Committee SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION AND STRUCTURAL BRAIN CHANGES IN PERINATALLY HIV+ADOLESCENTS Jackie Hoare, Landon Myer, Sarah Heany, JP Fouche, Nicole Phillips, Heather Zar, Dan Stein GENOMICS LINKS AUTOPHAGYWITHNEUROCOGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT INHIV-INFECTED CHILDREN Stephen A. Spector, Sean S. Brummel, Kumud K. Singh, Jihoon Kim, Kelly Frazer, Sharon Nichols, Olivier Harismendy, George R. Seage, Paige L. Williams, Russell B. Van Dyke, Rodney Trout Poster P-Q7 ANTIRETROVIRAL PHARMACOKINETICS, SAFETY, AND EFFICACY IN CHILDREN AND YOUTH Poster Hall - 4EF 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 824 HIGH PRESCRIPTION ERROR RATES AMONG CHILDREN ON ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY IN KENYA Irene Mukui, Samuel M. Mwalili, Barbra A. Richardson, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Carey Farquhar 825 EFFECT OF ANTITUBERCULOSIS THERAPY ONNEVIRAPINE PHARMACOKINETICS IN YOUNG CHILDREN 822 823 Awewura Kwara, Anthony Enimil, Hongmei Yang, Fizza S. Gillani, Wael A. Alghamdi, Antoinette Ortsin, Albert Dompreh, Lubbe Wiesner, Charles A. Peloquin, Sampson Antwi SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF STARTING ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY IN THE FIRSTWEEK OF LIFE Roger L. Shapiro, Kara Bennett, Michael D. Hughes, Kenneth Maswabi, Gbolahan Ajibola, Sikhulile Moyo, Patrick Jean-Philippe, Edmund V. Capparelli, Terence Mohammed, Oganne Batlang, Shahin Lockman, Max Essex, Joseph Makhema, Mathias Lichterfeld, Daniel R. Kuritzkes IN SILICO PREDICTION OF DOLUTEGRAVIR PHARMACOKINETICS &DOSE OPTIMISATION INNEONATES Fazila S. Bunglawala, Rajith Kumar Reddy Rajoli, Andrew Owen, Marco Siccardi SIMILAR EFFICACY AND SAFETY OF DOLUTEGRAVIR BETWEEN AGE GROUPS OF PEDIATRIC PATIENTS Pierre Frange, Veronique Avettand-Fenoel, Florence Veber, Stephane Blanche 829 LB PK AND 4-WEEK OUTCOMES OF DOLUTEGRAVIR DISPERSIBLE TABLETS INHIV-INFECTED CHILDREN Theodore Ruel, Edward P. Acosta, Rajendra P. Singh, Carmelita Alvero, Kathleen George, Stephanie Popson, Mattie Bartlett, Ann Buchanan, Cindy Brothers, Lucy Koech, Tichaona Vhembo, Rohan Hazra, Ellen Townley, AndrewWiznia, for the IMPAACT P1093 Team 830 LB ADULT DOLUTEGRAVIR 50MG TABLETS IN CHILDREN LIVING WITHHIVWEIGHING 20 TO<25KG Pauline Bollen, Anna Turkova, Hilda Mujuru, Elizabeth Kaudha, Abbas Lugemwa, Pauline Amuge, Angela Colbers, Cecilia Moore, Anna Parker, Victor Musiime, James G. Hakim, Deborah Ford, Diana Gibb, David M. Burger, for the ODYSSEY trial team 826 827 828

Poster Sessions • Thursday

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