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1042 REPEAT NONADHERENCE TO CLINIC APPOINTMENTS AMONG HIV-INFECTED ADULTS ON ART IN KENYA Jacques Muthusi, Tai Ho Chen, Kenneth Masamaro, Peter W. Young, Emily C. Zielinski-Gutierrez 1043 ATTRITION ALONG THE CARE CASCADE IN SOUTH AFRICAN EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS Bhakti Hansoti, Aditi Rao, George Mwinnyaa, John Black, Reinaldo Fernandez, Elizabeth Hahn, Oliver Laeyendecker, Roshen Maharaj, Pamela Mda, Jernelle Miller, Andrew D. Redd, Steven J. Reynolds, David Stead, Thomas C. Quinn, for the WISE research group 1044 SMOKING AND UNHEALTHY DRINKING AND THE HIV CARE CONTINUUM Derek Satre, Tory Levine-Hall, Amy C. Justice, Margaret May, Jonathan Sterne, Matthias Cavassini, Jennifer O. Lam, Stacey Alexeeff, Stacy Sterling, Kendall J. Bryant, Paul Volberding, Constance Weisner, Michael A. Horberg, Michael J. Silverberg 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 1073 SOCIOECONOMIC IMPACTS OF UNIVERSAL ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY IN THE SEARCH TRIAL Harsha Thirumurthy, Aleksandra Jakubowski, Yan He, Jane Kabami, Dalsone Kwarisiima, Norton Sang, Laura B. Balzer, Tamara D. Clark, Edwin D. Charlebois, Gabriel Chamie, Craig R. Cohen, Elizabeth A. Bukusi, Moses R. Kamya, Maya L. Petersen, Diane V. Havlir 1074 CONDOMUSE AND PRICES IN TRANSACTIONAL SEX ENCOUNTERS AMONG HIGH-RISKWOMEN IN KENYA Harsha Thirumurthy, Yan He, Perez Ochwal, Noora Marcus, Sue Napierala, Suzanne Maman, Kawango Agot 1075 SABES: A COST-EFFECTIVE TasP INTERVENTION TO IDENTIFY AND TREAT RECENT HIV INFECTIONS Angela K. Ulrich, Blythe J. Adamson, Dobromir Dimitrov, Robert De la Grecca, Daniel Wood, Enrique M. Saldarriaga, Rikita Bansal, Joseph Babigumira, Robinson Cabello, Hugo Sanchez, Jorge Sanchez, Javier R. Lama, Ann Duerr 1076 COST-EFFECTIVENESS OF LONG-ACTING ART FOR ADOLESCENTS AND YOUNG ADULTS IN KENYA Jessica Culhane, Monisha Sharma, Katherine Wilson, Allen Roberts, Cyrus Mugo, Dalton Wamalwa, Irene Inwani, Ruanne V. Barnabas, Pamela K. Kohler 1077 COST-EFFECTIVENESS OF LONG-ACTINGMULTIPURPOSE PREVENTION TECHNOLOGY IN SOUTH AFRICA Marjolein M. van Vliet, Cheryl J. Hendrickson, Brooke E. Nichols, Charles Boucher, Remco P. Peters, David van de Vijver 1078 NONADHERENCE DUE TO PRESCRIPTION DRUG COSTS AMONG US ADULTSWITHHIV, 2015-2016 Linda Beer, Yunfeng Tie, John Weiser, Christine Agnew-Brune, R. L. Shouse, for the Medical Monitoring Project 1079 HEALTH CARE UTILIZATION AND COSTS OF ACCESSING HEALTH CARE IN SOUTH AFRICA AND ZAMBIA Sarah Kanema, Ranjeeta Thomas, Lawrence Mwenge, Justin Bwalya, Nomtha Mandla, Helen Ayles, Peter Bock, Sarah Fidler, Richard Hayes, Katharina Hauck, for the HPTN071-PopART Poster P-W1 MODELING AND MONEY Poster Hall - 4EF

Poster Sessions • Wednesday

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