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508 HIV CONTROLLERSMAINTAINVIRAL SUPPRESSION DESPITE WANING T-CELL RESPONSES ON ART Nikolaus Jilg, Pilar Garcia-Broncano, Michael Peluso, Florencia Pereyra, Ronald Bosch, Carla Roberts-Toler, Cornelius N. Van Dam, Michael Keefer, Daniel R. Kuritzkes, Alan Landay, Steven G. Deeks, Xu G. Yu, Paul E. Sax, Jonathan Z. Li RESTRICTEDMEAN SURVIVAL TIME AS A TREATMENTMEASURE INHIV/AIDS CLINICAL TRIALS Xian Abulizi, Philippe Flandre, Heather Ribaudo HOME VS SELF-INITIATED ART REFILL: CLINICAL, IMMUNOLOGICAL, ANDVIROLOGIC OUTCOMES Rory F. Leisegang, Jane Ball, Mark Cotton, David Dowdy, Keri Calkins, Susan Cleary, Gary Maartens, Jean B. Nachega EFFECTIVENESS OF SINGLE- VSMULTIPLE-TABLET REGIMENS AS 1ST-LINE ART IN ICONA COHORT Annalisa Mondi, Patrizia Lorenzini, Alessandro Tavelli, Alessandro Cozzi- Lepri, Franco Maggiolo, Nicola Gianotti, Daniela Francisci, Chiara Carcieri, Andrea De Vito, Antonio Di Biagio, Antonella D'Arminio Monforte, Andrea Antinori, for the Icona Foundation Study Group BETTER VIROLOGICAL OUTCOMESWHEN INITIATING EARLY ART IN THE HPTN 071 (POPART) TRIAL Geoffrey Fatti, Ashraf Grimwood, Jean B. Nachega, Jenna Nelson, Kelsea LaSorda, Gert U. van Zyl, Nelis Grobbelaar, Helen Ayles, Richard Hayes, Nulda Beyers, Sarah Fidler, Peter Bock RCT OF INDIVIDUALIZED COMMUNICATION STRATEGY AMONG HIV-INFECTED PERSONS STARTING ART Marcelo H. Losso, Marisa Fuentes, Valentina Losso, Martha Michaan, Lea Pastore, Lorena Puente, Amalia Vazquez, Manuela Bullo PROJECT RHAE: A PILOT STUDY OF RAPID ART START AND RESTART IN BALTIMORE CITY Joyce Jones, Yu-Hsiang Hsieh, Geetanjali Chander, Kathleen Page, Richard Rothman, Richard D. Moore HIGH RATES OF VIROLOGIC SUPPRESSION AFTER RAPID ART START IN A SAFETY-NET CLINIC Susa Coffey, Peter Bacchetti, Darpun Sachdev, Oliver Bacon, Clarissa Ospina-Norvell, Sandra Torres, Elizabeth Lynch, Sulggi Lee, Katerina A. Christopoulos, Christopher D. Pilcher, Ling Hsu, Chengshi Jin, Susan Scheer, Diane V. Havlir, Monica Gandhi Poster P-I3 NEWMECHANISMS OF RESISTANCE AND NEW DETECTION METHODS Poster Hall - 4EF 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 539 A COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF HIV-1 CAPSID INHIBITOR SUSCEPTIBILITY Alicia Newton, Charity Ting, Lan Trinh, Christos Petropoulos, Wei Huang 540 IDENTIFICATION OF ARV-RESISTANCEMUTATIONS OUTSIDE OF THE DRUG-TARGET GENE Phuong Pham, Rachel Van Duyne, Eric O. Freed 511 512 513 514 515 509 Poster P-H5 STRATEGIES: OLD AND NEW Poster Hall - 4EF 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 510

Poster Sessions • Wednesday

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